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Tower Pro Battery Watcher 2 reviews

Tower Pro Battery Watcher
Brand: Tower Pro   / Product Code: BW4607
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Tower Pro Battery Watcher

Tower Pro Battery Watcher, Voltage Display Rx Battery Monitor

4.8V-6VJR Futaba Hitec compatible. This is the TowerPro Battery Watch on-board Receiver Battery Monitor for 4.8V and 6V NiCd and NiMH receiver packs. The device mounts on the outside of the airplane so you can check at a glance the status of the receiver battery.

7-LEDs provide instant, accurate battery voltage status of Low, Safe,or Max. Only one LED glows at a time.
Small switch to select 4.8V or 6V battery
Very lightweight, only .15oz (4.3g) unit can mount on the side of the fuselage, or under the plane's canopy
Draws amazingly low current - from 4-34mA depending on the battery voltage
Plugs into any open receiver channel using a connector

INCLUDES: One TowerPro Battery Watch On-Board Receiver Battery Monitor with plug

- Plugging into any unused receiver port
- Mounting onto the airplane with double-sided tape

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