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TG1 Infrared Thermometer Temp Gun 0 reviews

TG1 Infrared Thermometer Temp Gun
TG1 Infrared Thermometer Temp Gun
Brand: HobbyG   / Product Code: PXTPE1
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TG1 Infrared Thermometer Temp Gun

Key Features
Affordable with great accuracy and durability!
Great all purpose, entry level unit.

With a range of -27F to +428F (easily switchable to -33C to +220C) and MAX/MIN/LOCK modes, the PE-1 will meet the needs of 95% of users, professionals and hobbyists alike. The PE-1 unit comes preset with a default emissivity setting of 95E. Whether shooting engine temperatures, food prep temperatures, or animal basking temperatures, the PE-1 is a terrific and reliable Temp Gun at an amazingly affordable price! (includes wrist strap).

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