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Spektrum A6110 HV Standard Servo 0 reviews

Spektrum A6110 HV Standard Servo
Spektrum A6110 HV Standard Servo
Brand: Spektrum   / Product Code: SPMSA6110
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Spektrum A6110 HV Standard Servo

The A6110's digital precision, low deadband sensitivity and class leading .14 transit time is ideal for any 40-60 size sport aircraft. The cored motor delivers reliable power to the tight plastic gear train. Ball bearing support helps assure that accuracy continues throughout the long life of the servo. Its ability to accept the higher voltage for a 2S LiPo battery makes setup simpler and operation more efficient.


- High Voltage
- 0.14 transit time
- Up to 76 oz-in of Torque


- Bearing: Single
- Bushing or Bearing: Bearing
- Gear Type: Plastic
- Servo Type: Digital
- Servo Voltage: 6.0–8.4 V (High Voltage)
- Speed: 0.20 sec/60º @ 6.0 V; 0.14 sec/60º @ 8.4 V
- Torque: 57 oz-in (4.1 kg-cm) @ 6.0 V; 76 oz-in (5.5 kg-cm) @ 8.4 V

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