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Seagull AT6 Texan 75 1800mm ARF 0 reviews

Seagull AT6 Texan 75 1800mm ARF
Seagull AT6 Texan 75 1800mm ARF
Brand: Seagull Models   / Product Code: SEA88
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Seagull AT6 Texan 75 1800mm ARF

Seagull brings back the legendary “Texan” trainer with the AT-6 Texan ARF, a superb scale replica of the plane used by the United States and its allies from World War II through the late 1960s. Construction is of light ply and balsa build by expert craftsmen. What really sets this AT-6 apart from others is its pre-painted fiberglass cowl, true to scale round fuselage and a completely prefabricated and hand painted cockpit which includes two pilots. All of the hardware needed is in the box including fuel tank, wheels, tail wheel assembly, pre-built pushrods and an illustrated instruction manual. Featuring an accurate outline for terrific scale looks, it’s a great option for intermediate to advanced pilots.

- Accurate outline
- Unique trim scheme choice means modelers will stand out
- ARF construction that goes together well in a strong structural design
- Pilot figures included

Seagull AT6 Texan 75 pdf manual


Experience level Advanced
Wingspan 180 cm / 70.9 in
Wing area 47.4 sq dm / 735
Overall length 1170 cm / 46 in
Flying weight 3.2-4.0 kg / 7-8.8 lb
Power system Nitro 2-stroke .60-.91 or 4-stroke .91-1.15 or Gas 22-33cc or EP Motor 90
Radio 6 channels
Servos 6
Retracts Available
CG (Centre of Gravity) 11.4 cm back from the leading edge of the wing measured at the wing tip
Assembly time (approx.) 15-20 hours

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