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Spektrum Flight Log
Spektrum Flight Log
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Spektrum Flight Log

Key Features
- Real-time voltage digital display
- Records individual antenna fades
- Records frame losses
- Records failsafes (holds)

With Spektrum Flight Log, viewing your radio system performance will never be like before. Real time voltage, number of fades each internal receiver and remote receiver gets each flight and monitor frame losses or failsafes (holds) are what makes Spektrum's Flight Log a revolution in Spektrum technology.

Originally designed for testing, the Spektrum Flight Log is an optional handy device that gives clear digital readout of your radio performance. The Flight Log provides an intuitive analysis of the overall performance of the radio installation which is very useful especially in complex aircrafts. In today's very demanding models, the Flight Log is essential to give you confidence that your system is working properly and that you have optimized the radio installation.

The Flight Log provides the following information
- System voltage: receiver pack voltage
- Antenna fades: represent the loss of a bit of information on that specific antenna. Typically it’s normal to have as many as 50 to 100 antenna fades on any one of the antennas during a flight. If any single antenna experiences over 500 fades in a single flight, the antenna should be repositioned in the aircraft to optimize the RF link. 
- Frame Loss: represents simultaneous antenna fades on all attached receivers. If the RF link is performing optimally, frame losses per flight should be less than 20. 
- Hold: a hold occurs when 45 contiguous (one right after the other) frame losses occur. This takes about one second. If a hold occurs during flight, it’s important to re-evaluate the system, moving the antennas to different locations and/or checking to be sure the transmitter and receivers are working correctly. 

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