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AR410 4-Channel DSMX Aircraft Sports Receiver 1 reviews

AR410 4-Channel DSMX Aircraft Sports Receiver
AR410 4-Channel DSMX Aircraft Sports Receiver
Brand: Spektrum   / Product Code: SPMAR410
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AR410 4-Channel DSMX Aircraft Sports Receiver

The AR410 4-Channel RC Aircraft Sport Receiver from Spektrum is streamlined to fit in most electric- or engine-based RC aircraft, and is engineered to provide for easy installation and operation. Spektrum does this by building the antenna into the receiver, and allowing you to bind it without the need of a plug. In addition to this, it's designed to deliver telemetry data automatically to a Spektrum telemetry-capable transmitter, and fly-by range lets you retrieve flight log data.

Binding without Plug
Say goodbye to the bind plug with this receiver. Binding is done via the large, built-in bind button on the top of the receiver. This simpler process helps to give you the ability to bind when powering up, or after the power is connected on your aircraft.

Internal Antenna
This receiver's internal antenna is designed to take away the risk of failure due to an external antenna being exposed to the elements, while still providing adequate reception and full-range performance.

Telemetry Data
In addition to automatically delivering telemetry data to Spektrum telemetry-compatible transmitters, this receiver also has fly-by range. It lets you retrieve flight log data, such as fades, frame losses or holds, as well as seeing the receiver's voltage status in real-time.

Additional Features
- Lightweight hard case
- DSM2/DSMX modulation
- Band: 2.4 GHz
- Voltage range: 3.5 - 9 VDC
- Capable of low-latency 11 ms and standard 22 ms frame rates
- Net weight: 7 g
- Package weight: 59 g

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