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FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP 0 reviews

FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP
FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP
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FlightLine RC La-7 1100mm PNP

The Lavochkin La-7 was considered by many pilots to be one of the best fighters of World War II. The aircraft was superior to the famed Bf-109G in vertical performance and maneuverability, and the La-7’s speed allowed it to defend the Soviet frontlines from bomber attacks. Over 5,700 aircraft were built as the La-7 earned its place in aviation history. The Soviet’s top scoring ace, Ivan Kozhedub, piloted his La-7 “White 27” to over 60 aerial victories.
FlightLine RC’s 1:9 scale flying replica of the La-7 uses EPO material and a fiberglass reinforced one piece wing to offer pilots excellent performance at a great value. A large equipment cabin gives easy access to the ESC, receiver, and battery compartment. Screws attach the wing and elevator for quick assembly. Scale details such as the three bladed propeller and split flaps enhance the model’s realism.
The La-7’s 1100mm wingspan makes the aircraft easy to transport and gives it excellent maneuverability at a wide speed range. Its tall 65mm wheels and wide stance allow takeoff/landing on short, dry grass. The pre-installed 3647 brushless outrunner motor and recommended 4S 14.8v battery can achieve 135kph/83mph level speed with the scale three-blade propeller. An optional Sport Power System (sold separately) can be purchased to achieve 155kph/96mph speeds on the same 4s 14.8v battery.


- Removable main wing/elevator for easy transport
- High power motor for speeds up to 135kph/83mph
- Adhesive decal sheets included for six different liveries
- Intuitive internal structural design for optimized cooling of all electronics in the fuselage from the nose to the tail
- Large cabin space for easy placement of the battery and radio equipment
- Built-in flat spot near the CG for optimal placement of a gyro
- Improved spinner and propeller mounting design to enable better balance
- Optional upgrade complete nylon hinge set included in each box for free
- Tall foam rubber 65mm diameter main wheels and additional forward rake angle for operating on short grass runways
- Electric retractable landing gear with metal trunions, metal reinforcement plate and 4mm steel wire struts
- Optional two bladed propeller Sport Power System


- 6 Channel Radio
- 6 Channel Receiver
- 4 Cell 14.8V 2200mAh to 4000mAh LiPo battery with T Connector
- 4 Cell Compatible Battery Charger


Experience level Intermediate
Wingspan 1100mm / 43in
Overall length 970mm / 38in
Flying weight 1350g
Power system 3648-830Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
Speed control 60A Brushless with T connector
Propeller 10x6 3 Blade Propeller
Radio 6 + Channel
Servos 9g standard with 550mm lead: left aileron, right aileron 9g reverse with 300mm lead: left flap 9g standard with 300mm lead: right flap 9g metal gear standard with 300mm lead: rudder, elevator
Battery 4 Cell 14.8V 2200mAh to 4000mAh LiPo battery with T Connector
Recommended environment Outdoor
Assembly time (approx.) 2 Hours
Material EPO foam

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