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Orange RX

For the longest time, modelers suspected that receivers were over-priced. OrangeRX proved it.

In 2010, the RC world was rocked by the introduction of a line of receivers that were:
- superbly manufactured
- compatible with popular 2.4Ghz systems
- great performing
- unbelievably priced!

Since then, the Orange RX line of products has grown even more in 2014 to offer a wide range of receivers to suit different applications as well as a top quality flight stabilisation system. Our research & development team are constantly developing new products to bring to market and the announcement of a new product is always met with a huge amount of excitement and interest from the RC community.

Having full control is vital to the safety of your model & other people. OrangeRX is proof that peace of mind doesn’t have to come with the high price-tag.

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