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Evolution 40NX RC Glow Engine with Muffler 0 reviews

Evolution 40NX RC Glow Engine with Muffler
Evolution 40NX RC Glow Engine with Muffler
Brand: Evolution Engines   / Product Code: EVOE0401
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Evolution 40NX RC Glow Engine with Muffler


The NX series is designed to provide a unique combination of powerful performance, reliable engineering and remarkable ease of use. The .40NX is the same size and weight as our competitor’s .32-size glow engines, but packs more of a punch. Its displacement of .40 cu in provides sport models with plenty of get-up-and-go without adding weight. And since it’s an Evolution® engine, the .40NX has the innovative low-speed SetRight™ needle valve with a lever that makes easy adjustments and takes all the guesswork out of operation. Note: The 40NX was designed to bolt in extra horse power to most 25-32 sized aircraft. The 40NX will fly .40 size planes but with its smaller case size will not fit most .40 size engine mounts and with its light weight may require extra nose weight for proper CG balancing.

Key Features

- More displacement, but same size and weight as .32-size engine
- Designed for use on 25- to 36-size aircraft
- Aftermarket high-performance muffler available for more power
- Low-speed SetRight™ needle valve


- Benchmark Prop: APC 10 x 6 @ 14,300, APC 9 x 7 @ 15,600, APC 10 x 6 @ 14,300, APC 9 x 7 @ 15,600
- Bore: 0.845 in (21.69 mm), 0.845 in (21.69 mm)
- Carb Type: Barrel, Barrel
- Crankshaft Threads: 1/4-28
- Cylinder Type: ABC
- Cylinders: Single
- Displacement: 0.41 cu. in. (6.74 cc), 0.41 cu. in. (6.74 cc)
- Fuel:5 - 30% Nitro, 18% Synthetic or Synthetic/Castor mix oil
- Fuel Type: Glow
- Muffler Type: Expansion Chamber
- Muffler Weight: 2.5 oz (71 g)
- Prop Range: 9 x 5 - 11 x 6
- RPM Range: 2,800 - 18,500
- Stroke: 0.717 in (18.21 mm), 0.717 in (18.21 mm)
- Total Weight: 12.5 oz (356 g), 12.5 oz (356 g)

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