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Hobbywing UBEC-10A 2-6S Switch-Mode DC Regulator 0 reviews

Hobbywing UBEC-10A 2-6S Switch-Mode DC Regulator
Hobbywing UBEC-10A 2-6S Switch-Mode DC Regulator
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Hobbywing UBEC-10A 2-6S Switch-Mode DC Regulator

The UBEC is an external switching mode DC-DC regulator; it draws the DC voltage from 2-6S Lipo battery, drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for receivers and other electronic devices, and keep providing the stable current output up to 10Amp. Because the UBEC has such a powerful output capability,it is particularly applicable for large helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts.

- Input Voltage: 6V-25.2V (2-6S LiPo)
- Output Voltage: 5.0V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V (programmable by dip switches)
- Output Amperage: Continuous Current: 10A, Peak Current: 20A
- Dimension: 43.1mm x 32.3mm x 12.5mm (L x W x H)
- Weight: 36g​

- It adopted the advanced DC-DC regulator chip with conversion efficiency exceeding 90%
- 4 options for the output voltage, applicable for all types of receivers/gyros/servos, etc.
- It owns BEC shoot-through protection, which prevents the input voltage from directly flowing to the output end and causing damages to receivers, servos and other electronic devices
- Its featured protections like over-current protection, short-circuit protection (at the output end) and thermal protection make its use safer and more reliable
- Two cables are connected in parallel at the output end of the UBEC, allowing larger current to flow into the receiver. 
- It has one status LED which lights up when the output voltage is within the normal range
- The UBEC can easily be turned on/off thanks to the external switch.
- Exquisite aluminum case is helpful for heat dissipation EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) reduction.

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