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Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV 0 reviews

Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV
Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV
Brand: Dualsky   / Product Code: XM5060-B
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Dualsky Xmotor 5060EA 405KV

Prolong the lifetime of rotors in the environment of highpower and high torque with the Dualsky EA series brushless outrunner motors, with improved running efficiency in the middle RPM range. These high quality yet low priced motors are suitable for all aircraft pilots.

- Improved front cover, better heat dissipation
- Rotor with more beautiful star design
- Increase the intensity of rotor and shell, reduce vibration and bear more load
- Switch to curved magnets with higher grade
- Use high efficiency silicon steel
- Reduce the air gap of the stator and rotor, increase efficiency
- Use thicker enameled wire which is resistant to high temperature, improve insulation and impact resistance
- Compared with CA, EA power is increased by 10-20% and efficiency increased by 3-5%
- More options for KV value, suitable for practical use
- Add XM2838EA XM4255EA to EA series, which CA series have not
- Motor mounting holes and shaft diameter compatible with CA series
- Accessories compatible with the CA series(except new added models)
- 8mm propeller mount with thinner threads, propeller not easy to loose


Type Brushless Outrunner
RPM / Volt 405 Kv
Maximum power 1641 W
Cells 5s - 6s LiPo
Resistance 0.020 ohm
Constant current
Burst current 74 A
Shaft diameter (A) 6 mm
Recommended propeller 16x10E / 17x8E
Net weight 383 g

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