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ASP FS91AR Four Stroke Glow Engine 0 reviews

ASP FS91AR Four Stroke Glow Engine
ASP FS91AR Four Stroke Glow Engine
Brand: ASP Engines   / Product Code: ASP FS91AR
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ASP FS91AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

ASP (Magnum-XL) FS91AR Four Stroke Glow motor- with Muffler. Four-stroke engines are quieter, get better fuel economy, generate more torque and will swing a larger prop. They have a more realistic or "scale" sound.

- 1 cylinder
- Displacement: 0.91 cubic inches
- Bore: 27.7mm
- Stroke: 24.8mm
- Low RPM: 2000
- High RPM: 11000
- 1.600 bhp @ 10500 RPM
- Weight (no muffler): 22.40 oz.
- Prop Nut Size: 5/16-24
- Suggested propeller: Propeller: 13x8 - 14x6
- Length: 91.5mm (3.60") (from backplate to front of drive washer)
- Length: 120mm (4-11/16") (from backplate to front of crankshaft)
- Height: 121mm (4.76") (from bottom of engine to top of head)
- Width: 52mm (2-1/32") (mounting hole centers-side to side)
- Width: 25mm (15/16") (mounting hole centers-front to rear)
- Width: 42.6mm (1.68") (crankcase width neglecting mounting flanges)

Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Choke system for easy starting
CNC precision machining
Steel cylinder liner and ringed piston for long life
Rear-mounted updraft two needle valve carburetor

Fuel: Recommended by manufacturer, 10% nitromethane with 20% castor oil for break-in, no more than 15% nitromethane and no less than 16% castor oil after break-in.

Download ASP FS91 manual

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